Cutting-edge access and security.

Traditional access control and physical security are outdated and cumbersome.


TC Networks understands technology first! We work with you to uncover security initiatives, then design and install next-generation door-security systems to suit your needs and, most importantly, protect your people and your assets.

Technical experience matters when it comes to access control and physical security in today’s world. With more and more access-control and door-security systems being linked to the company network, it helps to have an information technology specialist like TC Networks capable of tying everything together.

We have the know-how to install simple, key-fob-operating or card-swipe access-control systems all the way through high-end Bosch Security burglar systems that allow end users the comfort of locking and unlocking their doors directly from their phones.

TC Networks is proud to partner with access-control and physical-security leaders Paxton, Keyscan, and Bosch Security.

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